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Waste Water Treatment

Waste Water Treatment

AMES offers a practical solution to the problem of wastewater treatment with our wide

range of containerised wastewater treatment plants. These plants are fully pre-assembled

biological systems for the purification of domestic wastewater. These units are capable

of treating any wastewater accruing for example in temporary sanitary facilities on

construction sites or self-sufficient remote worker camps.


The connection size and the technical equipment of the plant can be adjusted to the

specific needs, with a multitude of different connection sizes and configurations available

up to several 40 foot containers for up to 3000 population.


The basic concept is the ready-to-operate installation of the plant inside the container,

to allow the fastest possible on-site employment. The tanks of the compact wastewater

treatment plant are manufactured entirely out of weather and wastewater resistant

materials, such as PE-plastic.


Besides the simple transport of the plant to any place in the world, the container also

serves to protect the wastewater treatment plant installed above ground against external

influences. Therefore, even the most challenging conditions on large-scale installations

do not affect the service of the plant.


The biological compact wastewater treatment plants that AMES offers are universal, safe,

reliable and environmentally friendly. These plants can be upgraded according to the

client’s needs to a highly efficient system for water recycling. This can be very useful,

especially in regions with limited access to water resources.


The purification system usually involves Preliminary Clarification (separation by gravity)

and sludge reservoir, Biological Purification with a submersed and aerated fixed bed and

a Secondary Treatment stage involving further (optional) purification through a

disinfection unit. This cost-effective system enables the use of the outflow

(reuse of the cleaned wastewater) as process and irrigation water.


During this multistage treatment the biological purification and the disinfection unit

operate independent of each other. The efficiency of this process can be optimised by a

last step UV-treatment that will inactivate the bacteria that are still in the water.


The quality of the purification efficiency of the plants we offer is equal to that of the

municipal treatment conventional plants. The containers are 100% weatherproof,

resistant against wastewater and extremely durable.