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Clean Water Treatment

Clean Water Treatment

AMES can also offer various types and processes for clean water treatment systems, from conventional strainers and filtration system to the advanced containerised reverse osmosis plants for seawater desalination.

We can design, build, operate and maintain clean water treatment plants that provide high quality drinking water to residential, hotel and apartment complexes. Our plants service a range of industrial and municipal requirements and we apply various techniques according to the nature of the water source to provide economical and cost effective solutions.

We at AMES have identified the increasing need for cost effective and reliable water and waste water treatment solutions & equipment both in the domestic and international market, therefore our scope of supply includes a wide range of treatment technologies and processes to satisfy & fulfil the needs of our clients for the purification of water and waste water from all possible sources, such as surface water, underground water, basin, rivers, seas, sewage etc.

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