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Solar Thermal

Solar Thermal

  • Water is pumped through the panels, which absorbs the heat energy from the atmosphere, once water is heated; it is stored in a solar hot water cylinder.

  • A solar hot water cylinder is larger than a traditional one, as it has 2 coils – one for the Solar and the other for the conventional boiler (when needed).

  • The Evacuated tube system combine an array of glass tubes, which each contain a single water pipe, which concentrates the heat to the centre of the vacuum tube.

  • The Flat Plate System comprises a single panel, which has the water pipe running in loops through it.

  • To achieve close to 100% of hot water needs during summer months for a standard property of 4 occupants, 2 standard panels (each 1 m²) should be sufficient.

  • We offer two different Solar Thermal systems, the Evacuated Tube System and the Flat Plate System.


  • A sensible alternative to heating hot water, particularly where there is no gas network and the cost of oil or solid fuel is huge.

  • During the colder months, the water is heated beyond the standard mains temperature, meaning that the conventional hot water boiler doesn’t have to work so hard to heat the water.

  • Solar Thermal doesn’t need constant direct sunlight as it is taking latent heat from the atmosphere and converting it into heat energy for your water.

  • Our Solar Thermal systems are roof mounted, which require a dual coil cylinder or the addition of a solar cylinder.

  • Thermal systems will be linked to the existing hot water boilers via control panels.

  • Control Panels constantly monitor hot water temperatures, panel efficiencies and need for conventional boiler back-up.

  • Solar Thermal can be installed with both conventional and combination boiler systems.

  • High efficiency, maintenance free, deep-cycle, sealed non-spillable batteries

  • Low voltage load protection and temperature compensated battery charging.

  • Extra room for other equipment to be added, such as SCADA, radio, GPS, telemetry, VSAT, Wi-Fi or other electronic equipment.

 Solar Thermal 1

Solar Thermal 2

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