Surface Pumps

Surface Pumps

  • Compact, Practical and Reliable

  • High Quality Manufacturing

  • Single/Multi Stage

  • Available with Adjustable Packing or Mechanical Seal

  • High Quality Manufacturing (Nodular Engineering)

  • Can be used with Diesel or Electric motors (2 and 4 Pole)

  • Hydraulic Pressure balancing for consistent and efficient pressure

  • High Performance and Peak Hydraulic Efficiency

  • Materials: Cast Iron and Copper alloy (Option for Bronze or Stainless Steel Impeller)

Operating Data

  • Capacity up to 5000 l/s

  • Manometric head up to 1000 m

  • Power up to 650 kW

  • Special Executions upon reques


Surface -Pumps
Surface -Pumps           Surface -Pumps