Diesel Driven

Diesel Driven Pumps

  • 4 Cylinder engine or 6 cylinder engine

  • Horizontal, end suction multi-stage centrifugal pump with SAE flanging

  • Heavy duty tank chassis, 2 wheels or 4 wheels front and rear adjustable support jacks and removable drawbar

  • Priming Pump - hand operated or automatic operation

  • Battery control

  • Fully guarded to CE standards and CE plated


Pump - PTO Driven Pump Set

 Pump - Diesel Driven Set

Optional Acoustic Canopy Unit

  • As above but with lockable Acoustic Enclosure

  • Exhaust is mounted inside acoustic canopy for quieter operation

  • Noise Output rated between 74 and 78 dB

PTO (Power Take Off) Tractor Pumps

  • Trailer mounted for flexible & portable use.

  • Wide range of flows and pressures.