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Centre Pivot Reels

High & Medium Pressure Centre Pivot Hose Reels

  • The most economical way to irrigate

  • The long life of a pivot or lateral system will save you money year after year, using less

  • water, reducing your energy costs.

  • Solid-set irrigation system utilizing sprinklers, or guns mounted overhead on permanently

  • installed risers.

  • System consists of several segments of pipe joined together and supported by trusses,

  • mounted on wheeled towers with sprinklers positioned along its length.

  • Pipes are usually galvanized steel or aluminium

  • Water is piped to one or more central locations within the field and distributed by overhead

  • high-pressure sprinklers or guns

  • The system moves in a circular pattern and is fed with water from the pivot point at the

  • centre of the arc.

  • Highly flexible system - swivelling, towable or self – driving

  • The Centre Pivot Unit is constructed from heavy duty hot dip galvanised steel box sections

  • anchored to a reinforced concrete base

  • It is designed to support the pivot irrigator under the widest range of topography and soil

  • conditions.

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Centre -Pivot ---3

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